Welcome to Inquisium.

The Brand Story.

Every brand has a story, every story is unique, and at Inquisium we love connecting people, their experiences and the feedback generated to glean deeper insights. We think beyond survey technology to get to the root of what motivates behavior, interactions, feelings and thoughts.

Our brand is based on a simple thought: Better Feedback. Better Insights. So why did we embark on this journey and evolve from Cvent Web Surveys to Inquisium? It’s simple, as a division of Cvent, we’ve helped customers collect event feedback for years. But our know-how extends far beyond that, which is why we have a brand that reflects our expertise with all survey types.

brand experience

The Brand Experience.

We’re redefining what a brand experience for our audiences should be. Inquisium helps organizations of all sizes create survey programs that produce reliable insights for smart decision making. With our easy-to-use feedback management platform and industry expertise, our customers gain a better understanding of the world around them.

The Brand Identity.

A brand is far more than just words, a logo and new color schemes.

It is a story of how a company expresses itself to better connect with audiences – past and future. Inquisium is no different. We aim to be human and connect with audiences like few other survey organizations can – we are dedicated to keeping it real. We’re all people at the end of the day. We’re nerdy, smart, savvy and more than a little obsessive when it comes to helping customers uncover new insights. We get geeky when it comes to data…in the best way possible.

We also want to be straightforward. No games here, ever. We’re all about being transparent, open, reliable and easy to work with it. It’s our M.O. Yet we still strive to inspire. We’re an insightful group of innovators delivering game-changing capabilities, inspired by new possibilities. We want to inspire those around us to reach the next level too.

...And through it all, we’re driven. We aim higher, and we hit our mark – we even help redefine the mark for our customers. Can you feel the love?

brand purpose

The Brand Purpose.

Simply put. We help our customers better understand the world around them through our survey technology and expertise so they can respond, perform, empathize, connect and decide more effectively.

The Brand Pillars.

Inquisium enables simple, powerful engagement with customers and employees, uncovering new insights into human behavior and achieving clarity for better decision making.

Engage simply & powerfully.

We enable organizations to engage quickly and simply with their customers and employees in a meaningful, powerful way.

Uncover new insight.

We offer much more than data collection. Our technology and expertise deliver real insight into human behavior, motivations and emotions.

Achieve clarity.

Organizations gain a new level of clarity, which leads to better decision-making and empowerment across all disciplines, lines of business, and industries.

In a phrase – the Inquisium brand pillars are the legs we stand on in all that we do.