Checkers and Rally's

An Employee Engagement Program Well Done


Employee Engagement Growth besting Gallup’s industry average by three percentage points


Number of surveys disseminated to workforce

Who They Are

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants and Rally’s Hamburgers began as separate businesses with a shared company ethos for great tasting burgers at a value price. In 1999, they joined forces and became Checkers & Rally’s, the largest double drive thru restaurant in the country.

Today, the successful venture has grown to 800 restaurants across the United States. Checkers & Rally’s credits its popularity to the hard working, can-do attitude that every Checkers & Rally’s employee and franchisee brings to work with them every day.

The Challenge

The executives at Checkers & Rally’s have long placed a high premium on employee engagement. The company had expanded at a steady clip, and management sought to cultivate an engaged workforce, so Checkers & Rally’s could continue to flourish. However, there was no reliable system in place to help the restaurant collect employee feedback.

Although the company had dabbled with paper surveys in the past, with over 7,000 employees and a limited human resources department, Checkers & Rally’s needed a survey technology provider that could assist with the full feedback cycle—including, survey creation, distribution, and report generation.

The Solution

In 2011, Checkers & Rally’s decided to use Inquisium for its employee engagement program. Decision makers at Checkers & Rally’s liked how the Inquisium Professional Services Group (PSG) could manage all aspects of the feedback process from start to finish. This was necessary since the company’s HR department was busy and strapped for time.

With PSG’s help, Checkers & Rally’s began distributing an annual survey in English and Spanish to its 7,000 employees across its corporate headquarters, support center, and 800 franchises. The PSG team handled design and creation of the survey, so its look and feel reflected the company’s brand. Once the survey was created and distributed, the PSG team generated an executive summary and several separate reports, so district managers, restaurant GM’s, and corporate management could all see key employee insights.

In addition to the annual engagement survey, Checkers & Rally’s started using Inquisium to collect mid-year feedback and to gather field employees’ votes and opinions on who should be recognized at the support center award ceremony.

  • “Measurement without action is useless.”

    Susie McBride

    Director of Human Resources, Checkers & Rally’s

  • “Engagement is an organization-wide goal, and everyone has bought into it and wants to achieve it.”

    Susie McBride

    Director of Human Resources, Checkers & Rally’s

The Business Impact

Prioritizing engagement paid off for Checkers & Rally’s. Once the company noticed a trend in the number of employees who were dissatisfied with their compensation, Checkers & Rally’s conducted an industry pay scale analysis and created more transparent career paths with corresponding increases in compensation. The leadership team also launched learning opportunities to help employees understand how to be successful in their current roles and in the future.

As a result of Checkers & Rally’s fervent commitment to acting on employee feedback, engagement has trended positively each year. In 2011 it was 40%, and in 2013 it grew to 50%--besting Gallup’s industry average by three percentage points. According to McBride, the company has set its sights on 60% for 2017.