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market-research based product decisions

Who They Are

Informa is one of the world’s leading knowledge providers, creating and delivering highly specialized information through publishing, events, training, market intelligence and expertise to individuals, businesses, and organizations spanning different industries across the globe.

The Challenge

Before Informa began using Inquisium, the company did not conduct customer satisfaction surveys or market research on a regular basis. When Informa did opt to collect customer feedback, it wasn’t an organized, effective effort. Different teams would decide to run surveys, but would struggle with the limitations of their survey technology. Ultimately, most of the data collected would be unusable because of low response rates and subsequently small sample sizes.

Informa is in the media and information sector, an industry with a shifting landscape. Since customers’ preferences are rapidly evolving, the company realized it had to become more customer centric to keep up. Informa needed survey technology that could help capture a wide range of customer insights regarding product developments, customer satisfaction, and data collection for published research findings.

The Solution

Informa created a centralized market research division to handle the full scope of the company’s survey initiatives. The team used Inquisium’s technology to collect feedback on customer satisfaction, product and customer service quality, market interest, and primary research for published studies.

In addition to annual surveys, the team would process ad-hoc requests from senior management and other business units that were looking for answers to specific customer and product questions. Even Informa’s human resources department began utilizing Inquisium for its employee engagement surveys.

With Inquisum’s, easy-to-create email invites and reminders, the market research team was able to improve the respondent experience and raise response rates, ensuring each survey yielded an adequate sample size and actionable insights.

  • “Inquisum allows us to operate like an internal market research agency that performs better than an external one would. We get the same high level of insight, but since we’re in-house, we can understand it in the context of our business and make more relevant recommendations.”

    Jenefer Thoroughgood

    Director of Customer Success, Informa

  • “At first our senior management team was apprehensive about whether we would see the benefits of conducting survey research. Then they saw the quality of our findings, and we started to get more project requests than we could handle!”

    Jenefer Thoroughgood

    Director of Customer Success, Informa

The Business Impact

Informa truly became a customer-centric organization. With the help of Inquisium, the company established and exceeded net promoter goals and product benchmarks, explored underperforming products, and based decisions to launch or discontinue new products on customer feedback.

For example, Lloyd’s List, a maritime news source and Informa’s oldest publication, used to be available in the traditional print format. However, Informa surveyed customers and found that they preferred reading a digital edition, so Informa discontinued the print format and went fully digital. Similarly, customer insights collected with Inquisium were used to guide content creation and new product developments.

Using Inquisium’s advanced reports and dashboards, the market research team was able to showcase the quality and usefulness of the survey data to members of Informa’s senior management team so they began relying on it to inform their decision making. And this resulted in higher customer satisfaction and net promoter scores.