Getting the Right Questions in Front of the Right People


increase in survey response rates


decrease in time needed to create and share reports

Who They Are

With over 50 years of experience, Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets off-road vehicles (ORVs) for recreational and utility use. Their ORVs include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), the Polaris RANGER™, snowmobiles and Victory motorcycles. They recently introduced a new on-road electric powered neighborhood vehicle. Polaris has developed over six different product lines and annually posts sales over $1.6 billion.

The Challenge

Polaris developed an internal survey tool to collect customer feedback and one of the major initiatives the internal tool was used for was the ongoing measurement of customer satisfaction through monthly surveys. Unfortunately, the internal tool did not allow for the look and feel to be customized causing surveys to look dated. Aside from the rigidity, a big complaint from the market research managers was that the surveys were not welcoming and were a poor reflection of the Polaris brand.

Additionally, a major aspect of Polaris’ customer surveys is the Net Promoter Score. Net Promoter Scores are shared monthly throughout the entire organization from executives all the way down to engineers. As such, reporting is a critical piece for customer surveys. However, the internally built tool lacked reporting and all data analysis had to be completed manually. When a product manager wanted to see a cross-tab report comparing their product to the overall company NPS score, the research managers manually recoded all the data and completed the data manipulation in Excel. The entire process took 2-3 days to get the product manager the completed report.

The Solution

It was clear that it was time for a switch, and Polaris’ market research managers switched to Inquisium after determining it met all of the necessary requirements for a survey solution.

Now with Inquisium, the market research managers have more flexibility to create professional looking surveys. Also, since many sales are made through a Polaris dealer, Polaris doesn't capture a customer's email address at the point of sale and would have to send postcards after a purchase to solicit customer feedback. Prior to using Inquisium, the survey and the postcard didn't have the same Polaris look and feel, but now with Inquisium, Polaris is able to customize the appearance of their early buyer surveys to match their postcard invitation and using Inquisium’s survey customization features allows Polaris to design surveys that are a true extension of the Polaris brand.

  • “After using our internal tool just once, I never wanted to conduct another survey with it again. We needed a better solution to help put the right questions in front of the right people and Inquisium helps us do just that.”

    Dawn Anderson

    Consumer Research Manager, Polaris

  • “I get easy to read, visually appealing reports that I feel good about sending out.”

    Dawn Anderson

    Consumer Research Manager, Polaris

The Business Impact

Inquisium brings measurable ROI to the Polaris market research managers. Prior to using Inquisium, their early buyer postcard invitation received a 5-6% response rate. After implementing Inquisium and updating their process to include an incentive and an improved survey experience, the early buyer survey program sees a 15% response rate. This 200% increase in response rate gives Polaris more confidence in the data collected.

Polaris is now also able to conduct additional research in house because simply put – it’s easy. Using the emails collected through the postcard survey, Polaris sees a 20-30% response rate from their email surveys. These surveys help Polaris collect feedback on products and dealers, as well as conduct concept tests. Inquisium makes it simple to see what Polaris’ customers like and want. This time savings gives the market research manager the bandwidth to conduct additional research instead of outsourcing it.