Speeding Up Consumer Market Research

7 day

increase in data collection due to added online survey automation

Who They Are, the industry leader in online comparison shopping, aides over 23 million unique monthly shoppers with their purchasing decisions by providing free, unbiased information about products, services, merchants and sellers. arms consumers with the ability to compare millions of products and services from more than 11,000 merchants side-by-side for 25 categories, including electronics, computers, clothing, books, TVs.

The Challenge conducts a monthly market research survey on various topics related to consumer behavior, trends, attitudes and opinions. developed an internal survey tool to create and deploy their monthly consumer research surveys. After writing the survey questions, the market research team would pass the questionnaire over to the IT team to copy and paste into their tool. A single survey upload would take over a week for the IT team to prioritize. Due to the IT team's involvement, the marketing and public relations departments were limited in their ability to create and field surveys as they needed.

In addition to the slow creation process, the internal system had limits on the survey respondent experience. One of the draw backs was the lack of question logic and ability to customize the respondent experience. Surveys created through the internal process did not allow for sub-questions, skip and branch logic, pipe logic or other sophisticated survey logic. This forced respondents to read and respond to questions that did not pertain to them based on previous responses.

The Solution tasked its market research team to find a professional survey solution to improve their survey process. After defining their needs, selected Inquisium to conduct monthly consumer behavior studies.

Using a professional survey solution,'s market research team now manages the entire survey process from survey creation and design to creating real time customized reports. The robust functionalities such as survey templates, question logic and customizable cross-tabulation reports allow the research analysts to build professional surveys to collect critical consumer feedback.

  • “We needed a more efficient way of surveying consumers on our own schedule and deadline.”

    Sara Rodriguez

    Market Research Analyst, PriceGrabber

  • “Inquisium empowers the market researcher.”

    Sara Rodriguez

    Market Research Analyst, PriceGrabber

The Business Impact

Through the use of a professional survey solution, has been able to decrease the lead time needed to conduct a consumer survey and Inquisium allows the team to take control of the entire survey process.

When media contacts receive survey reports, they often ask for more information that usually requires deeper analysis. Using Inquisium, can now easily segment the results to meet each particular reporter's needs. This flexible, real-time reporting allows to meet media contacts' deadlines while still customizing the data analysis for each reporter. This flexibility has resulted in improved relationships with media contacts and an increase of media placements.

Through the use of Inquisium, provides media, industry analysts, consumers and retailers with valuable insights into online consumer behavior, while decreasing the time and resources spent on each project.