Public Hotel

Collecting Post-Stay Feedback to Improve the Guest Experience

The Highlights

  • Increased survey response rates
  • Instituted staff trainings on problem resolution based on guest feedback
  • Increased problem resolution
  • Generated $1,700 in revenue in one month by reaching out to dissatisfied guests and convincing them to return

The Challenge

Prior to Inquisium, Public was using the survey feature that came with its email marketing software to collect guest feedback. However, since the software wasn’t specifically designed to collect, manage, and analyze feedback, its functionality was limited—specifically when it came to reporting and data analysis. Understandably, the staff at Public had difficulty navigating reports and interpreting survey results. Since it was inconvenient and time consuming to sift through guest feedback, Public only did so sporadically, thereby letting a lot of valuable insights slip through the cracks.

The Solution

Public began using Inquisium to collect post-stay feedback from guests. With Inquisium’s centralized reporting dashboards and real-time email alerts, David Freiberger, Public’s director of operations, and Brian Greer, Public’s director of the front office, are able to quickly analyze guest comments and important metrics such as intent to return, overall experience and problem resolution satisfaction.

Both Freiberger and Greer especially like the real-time email alerts they receive when guests submit feedback. They put a system in place where Freiberger responds to guests who rate their experiences below a certain threshold, and Greer responds to guests who rate their experiences above it.

  • “Guests are really blown away by how quickly we address their comments. They appreciate that level of service.”

    David Freiberger

    Director of operations at Public

  • “There’s no comparison between our old provider and Inquisium.”

    Brian Greer

    Director of the front office at Public

  • “Inquisium helps us turn our guests’ negative experiences into positives experiences.”

    David Freiberger

    Director of operations at Public

The Business Impact

After switching to Inquisium, the hotel began providing guests with a heightened level of responsiveness. Not only do staff members try to respond to every guest who leaves feedback within 10 minutes, they use the feedback to make changes and generate additional revenue. Public does this by tracking guests who leave negative comments and offering them complimentary return stays. The hotel realized that bringing back dissatisfied guests for a future visit instead of reimbursing them helped raise an additional $1,700 in revenue for a single month. Staff members can even cite specific examples of instances where they convinced guests to come back for a visit after these same guests indicated on the post-stay survey that they would not return.

Guest feedback has also prompted Public to make minor changes to the hotel that elevate the guest experience from good to great. For example, recently, much to the delight of guests, Public switched from offering a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner to a separate bottle for each after receiving an overwhelming amount of requests in the survey.

Ultimately, Inquisium has helped Public fully devote itself to measurably improving the guest experience. Freiberger and Greer have ensured it will be an ongoing priority for years to come by launching a two-hour training program for staff members, during which they review guest comments and talk through issue resolution best practices.