Giving Signet’s Customers a Voice, Once and for All


Increase in database growth


Increase in sales during specific promotional periods

Who They Are

Signet Pty Ltd began trading in 1968 and is now one of Australia's leading distributors of warehouse consumables, packaging materials and safety supplies. Named to the Top 30 Companies in Queensland, they are also a leading manufacturer of industrial marking products and stretchfilm and plastics.

The Challenge

With Signet's continued growth, the support and marketing departments wanted to institute a Voice of the Customer (VOC) program within the organization. However, there was no standardized process in place for collecting customer feedback. Instead, feedback was collected on a one-off basis. Sometimes insights from these conversations were manually entered into an excel spreadsheet, but creating reports was difficult and time consuming since there was no standardized format. Signet needed a way to standardize feedback collection that would make it easy to create reports, share feedback across the organization and close the loop with customers.

The Solution

Signet outlined their needs for a feedback solution and selected Inquisium. Inquisium was selected for the organization's strategic feedback initiatives because of its ease of use, robust reporting capabilities and visual appeal. After implementing the solution, Signet found other favorite features such as email marketing to be extremely beneficial for their unique needs.

In addition to fully using the email marketing functionality, Signet receives a lot of value from triggered email alerts. It was very important to implement a customer feedback program that allowed Signet to close the loop with customers. When creating surveys, Signet always sets up triggered alerts for unsatisfied customers to follow up within 24 hours of their survey submission.

Finally, Signet loves Inquisium’s reporting features, and instead of spending hours working on reports, Inquisium’s reporting is quick, easy and in real-time. The reports all look visually appealing and because the questions are instantly graphed, Signet is able to forward findings to senior management immediately. Signet estimated that if they had to do the reporting manually through Excel, it would take at least 50 work hours per report.

  • “Cvent reporting is quick, easy and in real-time. We're able to forward findings to senior management immediately.”

    Josh Cameron

    Sales & Service Manager, Signet

The Business Impact

Implementing a customer feedback program at Signet has led directly to more sales. Signet periodically runs one day sales and in the past, the sales have always been during normal business hours (9 am – 5 pm). However, when analyzing the feedback from their customer survey, Signet discovered that small business owners needed later hours and as a result, sale hours are extended until midnight. This simple change resulted in a 5% increase in sales during these promotions.

On top of direct revenue increases, Inquisium’s Voice of the Customer solution helped Signet to clean their email list. After discovering 15% of the customer email addresses were undeliverable, they launched a calling campaign to update customer contact information for use in future marketing programs and surveys. Now, they regularly see less than 2% of their emails bounce.

Signet is continuing to expand its customer feedback program as a result of their early successes. Instead of running a single annual customer satisfaction campaign, they now have multiple ongoing feedback programs in place targeting different customer segments. In addition, they're currently working on an integration between their CRM and Inquisium using the Inquisium’s API. This integration will allow them to have a more holistic view of each customer without any manual work. This is essential to their marketing strategy as they continue to be more targeted. Finally, Signet is looking forward to implementing a website usability survey which will not only result in critical feedback for improving the customer experience, but will also allow Signet to grow their database by an additional 25%.