Employee Engagement Programs for Hoteliers.

A hotel’s success is heavily weighted on its employees, so it’s critical to be proactive and seek feedback regularly.

With the help of an employee feedback program, HR professionals, operations managers and hotel executives can better understand what truly motivates employees and make informed decisions that:

  • Increase productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty

  • Identify where training and education is needed

  • Decrease turnover and the financial drain that disengaged employees cost hotels

Hospitality Feedback Group

Inquisium’s Employee Engagement solutions empower hotels to effectively gather employee intelligence via annual survey programs, pulse-check surveys, and ad-hoc surveys as needed.

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Hospitality Feedback for Hoteliers

What’s in it for hoteliers?

  • Attain answers to your most important questions

  • Gain insights on what drives satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement

  • Develop and maintain strong employee relationships that will ultimately grow customer relationships

  • Leverage findings to drive future strategy and action plans

"Each disengaged employee costs an organization an average of $10,000 in profit annually."

AON Hewitt