Event Feedback Done Right

Captivating Events begin with Collecting Feedback

Inquisium by Cvent offers a solution that works seamlessly with technology you already have: the Cvent Event Management platform. With Inquisium's additional survey functionality, you can collect more meaningful feedback before during and after your event to make smarter decisions and exceed attendees' expectations.

Key Features:

  • Over 75 standard reports, including trend analysis and dashboards

  • Over 30 question types, including Net Promoter Score, rank order and interactive sliding scales

  • Testing and quizzing capabilities such as scoring and certificates

  • Advanced survey logic

  • Text analysis and multi-lingual surveys

Benefits for Banks

Inquisium's event feedback solutions give you the ability to run ad hoc surveys or associate a survey to an event to ensure consistency across all of your events and feedback efforts.

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Event Reporting

What’s in it for you?

  • Branding - Bring the branding of your event to your survey by using any of the pre-built top 20 event themes. When you modify branding at the event level, the update will automatically appear in your survey.

  • Logic - Use event registration fields in the configuration of the survey. For example, question visibility and thank you page content can be tailored to specific attendee groups based on registration type or admission item.

  • Event Registrants - Utilize the targeted list search option so you can quickly add registrants to the survey.

  • Data Tags - Leverage data tags from the event within the survey to avoid typos and save time.

  • Bringing it all Together - Share one address book, one question library and one document library for a unified, smooth and hassle-free experience between solutions.

"Inquisium has played a key role in allowing us to grow our event program and really understand regional needs and preferences, and how we can make the overall experience better for everyone."

Almo Corporation

411 on Event Feedback

A superior attendee experience is the foundation for successful events. To ensure your attendees walk away satisfied, you must collect feedback before, during and after your event to get the most out of your meeting and event strategy.

Before the Event

Survey attendees during the planning stages so you can determine what attendees’ needs are and how you can accommodate them.

  • Set up your event for long-term success

  • Understand what attendees are hoping to accomplish at the event

  • Gain deeper insights into the educational value of the event

Event Feedback

During the Event

Survey attendees about issues pertaining to the event topic, industry speaker, or their interests and share the results before the next keynote presentation to keep them engaged. Contributing to the content and quality of the event will make attendees feel empowered.

This is critical if you want to:

  • Keep your attendees engaged

  • Deepen relationships while on-site at the event

  • Collect feedback to make real-time decisions

During the Event

After the event

The only way to know how attendees felt about their experiences is to collect post-event feedback.

This is critical if you want to:

  • Make sure your expenses were worthwhile

  • Understand what attendees liked and didn’t like

  • Gather information to make improvements at your next event

After the Event

But don’t just stop there. Once you have your event feedback, the most important thing to do next is analyze it to make better business decisions.

This guarantees that you will have more meeting and event planning successes in the future. Don’t have the resources? Our Professional Services Group can help with any aspect of your event feedback and reporting strategy to help boost your ROI and bottom line.