Guest Feedback Programs

Bring Guest Satisfaction Insights to Life

Building great guest relationships is not just a matter of functional execution, it’s about building a personal connection. Truly loyal and engaged guests make decisions about where to stay based on emotion, which has little to do with price. In fact, engaged guests usually are willing to pay more and use more services and amenities than the average guest.

With the help of a guest feedback program, hotels can get a better understanding of the guest experience and far beyond whether or not the room was clean. They can:

  • Determine how and why guests decided to stay at their property

  • Understand what spurs their emotional attachment to the property

  • Act on the feedback to make improvements to the overall experience

Guest Feedback

Inquisium’s guest feedback solution empowers hotels to effectively and efficiently gather guest intelligence. By continuously collecting feedback, hotels can stay in touch with guests and identify their needs, wants and concerns.

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Guest Feedback for Hoteliers

What’s in it for hoteliers?

  • Improve guest response, recall and accuracy by reaching out to guests as the experience occurs

  • Track property performance on key indicators over time

  • Gain actionable insight on what drives satisfaction, loyalty and engagement

  • Uncover gaps between guest needs and property offerings

  • Learn how to build engaged guest relationships that directly improve property performance

  • Selectively and flexibly share reports with internal stakeholders

  • Garner more positive reviews with the Inquisium TripAdvisor integration

"87% of users agree that TripAdvisor hotel reviews help them feel more confident in decision making."