Feedback Solutions for Higher Education

The continuously evolving needs of the marketplace have created a high demand for specifically trained students and retrained adults. And this need has led to a surge in enrollments – making it essential to plan and design curricula accurately and to ensure that your institution’s processes are designed to fit the requirements of stakeholders.

With the help of a feedback program, education institutions can support feedback needs such as:

Recruitment productivity

Curriculum assessment

Market research

Inquisium’s feedback solution is designed to fit the needs of educators and those supporting them. From training assessments and certification to identifying local market trends in workforce development, Inquisium provides a structured approach to engage with key stakeholders and identify trends in real-time.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Immediate collection of quality feedback provides the ability to take meaningful action

  • Create, develop and adjust offerings to the evolving needs of adult learners

  • Conduct ongoing evaluation of curricula effectiveness and learning objectives

  • Share results across the institution to support institutional development and communication

Benefits for Banks

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