Data Visualization & Reporting

Make Better Business Decisions with Centralized Survey Content and Visual Dashboard Reporting

For an organization to maximize the effectiveness of its survey data, it needs to be visually appealing, customizable, instantly refreshable and centrally accessible. Inquisium’s data visualization and reporting allows you to publish and share real-time dashboards to effortlessly view key metrics and trends, and be empowered to build consensus and make smarter, data-backed decisions.

About Inquisium Portals

The portal is a customized website where your organization’s survey stakeholders can view published content and view sleek survey dashboards.

Portal Features

  • Publish some or all of your feedback program content from your survey to the portal
  • Customize the theme to match your organization’s branding
  • Add, remove and manage users’ permissions and access-levels to guarantee the security and integrity of your data
  • Send invitations, notifications and scheduled emails to users so they are prompted to view published content

About Inquisium Dashboards

Using dashboards – also referred to as data visualization, view data trends over a specific time range or see real-time results. Dashboards provide a variety of widgets designed to present data in a digestible format.

Popular Widget Types

  • Respondent Status
  • Response Count and Trend
  • Answer Summary Trend
  • Net Promoter Score and NPS Score Gauge
  • Rating Trend
  • Scoring Summary

Dashboard Features

  • Use the Widget Wizard to create custom dashboards made up of any combination of widgets
  • Filter by contact fields, respondent fields and survey questions to narrow the data displayed
  • Rollover widgets to get quick data details and examine individual chart and graph’s data
  • Share dashboards with any stakeholders, internally or externally

Get more out of your survey data. Rely on Inquisium’s portals and dashboards to give you the confidence needed to make better business decisions based on real-time visual data.

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