Professional Services

Get by with a little help from our professional services group

Lack the resources, industry expertise or time to spend on feedback program design and reporting? Inquisium’s Professional Services Group (PSG) is ready and available to be an extension of your team. We can assist with any part of your feedback program, big or small, so you can get the data you need without overextending your resources. Here’s just a snapshot of what we can do. One thing is for sure though: We’ll make your survey programs look good – real good.

Survey Consultation and Design

Take advantage of our industry expertise and best practices to design the perfect survey for your feedback initiatives.

Question & Response Review

Before you launch, let us review your questions and response options and make recommendations to improve the quality of the data you’ll receive.

Translation Services

Global audience? Our team can translate your survey into 35 languages so that the experience is truly localized for your respondents.

Survey Building

Our team of experts can turn your list of questions into a professional, online feedback program.

Contact Management

We can upload, segment, and manage your contact lists to ensure targeted invitations, reminders, completion notices, and surveys are sent to each respondent.

Custom Reporting & Analysis

Combing through your data to find meaningful trends can be time consuming. We’ll turn your results into eye-catching reports that highlight the insights that matter to you and your stakeholders. Top reports include engagement analysis, key driver analysis and advanced segmentation.

Data Visualization

Our PSG team can even take your reporting one step further. We’ll create a slick, visual dashboard for users and stakeholders to view in real-time through a customized portal designed exclusively for your organization.

Turnkey Project Management

Sometimes, it’s best to leave things to the experts. Inquisium’s Professional Services Group can manage all aspects of your feedback program from start to finish.

Inquisium can bring you a lot of great benefits when you start putting our features to work. Let us show you how!

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