Enterprise Feedback Management

An Unmatched Level of Survey Program Sophistication

Manage complex enterprise feedback programs through Inquisium’s feature-rich enterprise feedback management (EFM) software that allows for multi-department collaboration, advanced reporting and seamless API integrations.

Enterprise Feedback Management Programs

Struggling with incompatible technologies, data silos, and tedious workarounds isn’t productive, but that’s exactly what happens when organizations don’t have a single, powerful survey platform in place to manage all of their feedback program needs—from creation and distribution to analysis.

Inquisium can simplify and centralize organizations’ most complex feedback needs, empowering stakeholders across departments to use a single survey solution to collect feedback that’s accessible, easily analyzed and ready to act on.

Our software can be tailored to fit your organization’s unique structure and feedback challenges. With Inquisium, you can give multiple users unique access rights, integrate with existing systems, ensure your survey data is safe and secure, quickly disseminate insight-rich reports, and manage all your feedback programs from a centralized hub.

Enterprise Feedback Management Features

Access Rights

User defined access rights allow for multiple departments within an organization to collaborate on surveys and share insights.

CRM Integrations

Seamlessly transfer survey and contact data between the Inquisium platform and any CRM.

Advanced Visual Dashboard Reporting

Publish and share live data visualizations so stakeholders can view key metrics and trends.

Professional Services

Let our Professional Services Group manage your entire EFM program from start to finish – we’ll take care of all of your complex requirements from strategic planning, to question design and advanced reporting.


Ensure data is safely and securely collected through password protection, secure webpages (HTTPS) and SSL to provide the highest form of security protection.