Market Research Surveys

Brilliant Marketing Ideas Begin with Primary Research

Properly conducted market research surveys allow you to move your organization’s marketing efforts forward by collecting information on your target market and products or services. Our surveys can help you gauge market opportunities, guide product improvements, measure brand awareness and better understand customer behaviors.

Market Research Survey Programs

Research is at the core of all smart marketing strategies, especially in today’s customer-driven economy. Customers place a high premium on products and experiences that are convenient, customizable and consistent across all channels. They have endless options, so if you want to stand out, you have to understand your target audience and what they are looking for.

With Inquisium, your organization can quickly deploy surveys for all your market research initiatives. Guide your marketing strategy by testing new products, measuring purchase intent, monitoring brand and competitor awareness, and collecting customer preference and behavior information. Our software makes it easy for marketers to ask the right questions, analyze insights quickly, and act with confidence.

By using data to better understand your target market and their want and needs, you can ensure your marketing messages resonate and your products or services meet customer expectations.

Market Research Survey Features

Survey Creation

Create online surveys for customer satisfaction from scratch or save time with pre-loaded question libraries and pre-built templates.

Advanced Survey Logic

Personalize the survey-taking experience for increased completion rates and more relevant data. Choose from seven types of logic.

Text Analytics

Categorize, quantify and analyze open-ended text responses without the pain of coding.


Respond instantly to customer feedback with the use of real-time email alerts.

Visual Dashboard Reporting

Publish and share live data visualizations so stakeholders can view key metrics and trends in real time.