Training & Development

Automate the Learning and Development Process

Inquisium offers a tailored solution that allows organizations to streamline training assessments, evaluations and feedback to gain insights on what drives development and how they can improve their programs.

Training & Development Programs

Knowledge is an indispensable resource. So it’s no shocker that organizations prosper when their employees, members, or students have the skills they need for high performance. However, there’s a catch. You have to ensure the training you’re delivering is effective.

Training departments can easily achieve Level 5 within the Kirkpatrick evaluation system by automating learning and development processes, evaluating their effectiveness, and better demonstrating the value of complex training initiatives. With our survey platform, you can streamline the assessment and feedback process throughout the training lifecycle and ensure your organization’s learning and development activities help you achieve your organizational goals.

Inquisium’s training and development solutions give you the ability to conduct pre- and post-training surveys, including 30/60/90 day surveys, collect instructor feedback, and manage trainee profiles to determine future curriculum. We can be as flexible as your training and development needs require.

Training & Development Features

Survey Creation

Use surveys for lead qualification, training evaluations, online exams and more.

Timed Mode

Create timed quizzes and tests where needed.

Dynamic Reporting

Use score-based reports and create certificates of completion automatically for recipients.

Results Alerts

Get instant scores, completions or low score via email alerts.

Contact Relationship Management

Track credits, courses, scores or certificates.

Kiosk Mode

Use a kiosk or other centralized computer to conduct testing for multiple users.