Heads up! Customers don’t play by our rules anymore. In fact, we live in the Age of the Customer. They choose where they get their information, what defines a superior experience, and how to exercise their opinions and purchasing power. The smartest organizations are listening and adapting.

Customer satisfaction surveys or Voice of the Customer programs capture customers’ wants and needs and measure their overall experience.

By surveying customers directly, you can analyze their feedback and take action to make improvements that increase loyalty. It’s been proven over and over that the cost of keeping a customer is much more cost effective than acquiring a new one—so you need to make them happy.

Strengthen your relationship with customers, increase retention, identify key drivers of satisfaction, respond to customer service issues in real time, and enhance your products and services by designing a Voice of the Customer program with Inquisium.

Voice Of The Customer Features

Net Promoter Score

Measure customer satisfaction and gauge an organization’s health with a single question. Are you a promoter or a detractor?

Survey Creation

Create online surveys for customer satisfaction from scratch or save time with pre-loaded question libraries and pre-built templates.

Salesforce Integration

Seamlessly transfer survey and contact data between the Inquisium platform and Salesforce. Together we’re the perfect pair.

Text Analytics

Categorize, quantify and analyze open-ended text responses without the pain of coding.


Respond instantly to customer feedback with the use of real-time email alerts.

Visual Dashboard Reporting

Publish and share live data visualizations so stakeholders can view key metrics and trends in real time.