Salesforce Integration

Your Most Important Business Data, Together at Last.

Inquisium’s Salesforce integration provides an easy-to-use solution to leverage survey responses directly in Salesforce and give you a feedback-enriched understanding of your business data.

A Seamless Integration You Can Rely On

The Inquisium Surveys Salesforce app supports all Salesforce clouds and all types of survey responses for a single, flexible solution that is designed to support your growing organizational needs.

See, we’ve got you covered.

Salesforce Integration Context

Use our app to:

Measure how effectively your business addresses prospects, customers and employees

Optimize your business performance with sophisticated feedback program

Enrich your CRM data with feedback and service ratings

How it Works

Customize Your Integration

Our Inquisium Surveys Salesforce app makes it easy for you to configure the behavior of the integration, from how surveys are initiated, to how the data is stored – all from within the app.

Customize Your Integration
Trigger Surveys

Trigger Surveys

Configure survey triggers based on criteria associated with any standard or custom objects, including Boolean logic applied to the criteria.


Inquisium Surveys provides packaged reports that can easily be viewed in desktop or mobile dashboards.



Get to know Inquisium and our Salesforce integration in less than two minutes so that you can better understand how seamless it can be to bring your survey and business data together.

Integration Features

When you understand your audience, everything changes: the way you service customers, market products, accelerate sales cycles and beyond. It’s time to get more out of your business data.

Our integration allows you to:

Send surveys automatically based on trigger criteria.

Sync response data to your standard and custom objects.

Add new records or update existing ones with survey response data.

Analyze survey results in Salesforce using packaged reports or standard reporting functions.

Deliver the right surveys at the right time, triggered by activity in Salesforce, by a periodic schedule or by manual action.

Push response data to Salesforce without initiating the survey invitation from Salesforce.

Set survey limitations to meet survey program goals and avoid survey fatigue.

Delay email invitations by any appropriate time period.

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