Employee Feedback and Engagement

Understand What Truly Drives Employee Satisfaction

Proactively survey employees to find out what truly motivates them. Lower employee turnover, improve retention rates and take action to elevate employee engagement levels to record highs.

Employee Engagement Programs

Employee engagement is a popular topic. Why? Bottom line, it’s all about the bottom line. Talented, engaged employees perform better and treat customers better than the clock-watching, responsibility-averse types. When you have an office of all-stars, your organization becomes more productive, creative, and customer-centric.

That’s why it’s critical to continuously survey employees and understand what truly motivates them. Regular pulse checks and employee engagement surveys are crucial to any HR team’s success. Employee engagement programs raise customer retention and help lower employee turnover, saving organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Inquisium’s employee satisfaction surveys and employee engagement programs empower HR teams to create annual and ad-hoc surveys that identify and track key drivers of employee engagement. By collecting better feedback and understanding what drives engagement, you can implement meaningful company changes that increase productivity and help retain top talent.

Employee Engagement Features

Survey Creation

Create employee satisfaction surveys from scratch or save time with pre-loaded question libraries and pre-built templates.

Advanced Survey Logic

Personalize the employee survey-taking experience for increased completion rates and more relevant data. Choose from seven types of logic.

Text Analytics

Categorize, quantify and analyze open-ended text responses without the pain of coding.

Visual Dashboard Reporting

Publish and share live data visualizations so stakeholders can view key metrics and trends in real time.

Survey Distribution

Distribute surveys to employees by email, post links to your company’s intranet, setup kiosks for employees or create QR codes to post around your office.


Respond instantly to employee feedback with the use of real-time email alerts.