Collecting feedback is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have, and web survey tools are a must for any organization.

Web Survey Program Features

Survey Creation

Create web surveys from scratch or save time with pre-loaded question libraries and pre-built templates.

Sample Surveys

View sample surveys that showcase real feedback programs from the respondent’s point of view.

Survey Templates

No graphic design needed. Inquisium web survey tools offer 50 graphical templates. Your surveys will have never looked so good.

Question Types

More than 20 unique question/answer formats so you can ask the right questions – each time, every time.

Survey Reporting

Powerful. Interactive. Filterable. Sharable. Reports and dashboards that visualize your survey respondents’ thoughts.

Mobile Surveys

Everyone is on the go these days so make it easier for respondents to provide feedback with surveys optimized for mobile devices.

Response Collection Features

features survey distribution

Survey Distribution

Distribute surveys by email, post links to your website and social media channels, setup kiosks or create QR codes.

feature survey distribution 2
feature email marketing banner
feature email marketing

Email Marketing

Vroom, vroom. With one of our most popular web survey tools you can power your feedback program with Inquisium’s flexible and customizable email marketing engine.

feature contact management icon

Contact Management

Manage contacts for all of your surveying needs in a single address book.

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Advanced Survey Features and Integrations

salesforce Integration

Seamlessly transfer survey and contact data between Inquisium and Salesforce. Together we’re the perfect pair.

Net Promoter Score

Measure customer satisfaction and gauge an organization’s health with a single question. Are you a promoter or detractor?

Closed Loop Workflow

Leverage survey triggers to set process flows and get notified instantly when a follow-up task is assigned.

Text Analytics

No one likes a manual process, so Inquisium helps categorize, quantify and analyze open-ended text responses without the pain of coding.

Advanced Survey Logic

Personalize the survey-taking experience for increased completion rates and more relevant data. Choose from seven types of logic.

Question Libraries

Stumped? Quick – head to the library! Build surveys using common questions and responses from our extensive library.

Survey Scoring

Use web surveys for lead qualification, training evaluations, online exams and more.

One-Click Feedback

Answer a single question directly within an email or survey invitation – from NPS to overall satisfaction or a one question survey.

Inquisium can bring you a lot of great benefits when you start putting our features to work. Let us show you how!

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